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* feminine, character, moody *

Pop is a personal illustration and character design project. For this visual, I took on not one, but TWO new challenges: working with a limited color palette and animating my character. 

I chose two very contrasting colors: midnight blue and hot pink, and played with the surprise effect of chewing gum. I also took the opportunity to create a mini tutorial, explaining my process in less than a minute.

So… what do you think of the result? Leave me a comment on my Instagram!

* feminine, character, moody *

Client: personal project
Technique: digital (Procreate and Adobe app)
Services: illustration, character design, gif animation, tutorial

Detail of the "Pop" character design. The face of the woman has lot of expression. By Meg Chikhani

Poster of the fashion illustration "pop". By Meg Chikhani

Gif Tutorial

1. Clean your sketch magically
2. Refine your line drawing and the composition
3. Color it
4. Add fancy details
5. Tadaa, your illustration is ready to be animated!
6. Open the animation assist in Procreate
7. Define your background
8. Decompose your movement in small steps
9. Start the animation and export as a gif!

Logo and hand lettering of the word "pop". By Meg Chikhani

Prints of the gif animation. The illustrations are printed on art paper. By Meg Chikhani

Sketch of the "pop" fashion illustration. The forms and the composition of the lines are bold and strong. By Meg Chikhani

Gif animation of a woman chewing gum. The pink color pop in the illustration. By Meg Chikhani

Print of the "pop" illustration on art paper. By Meg Chikhani

Detail of the character design "Pop". How to draw hands? By Meg Chikhani

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