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Ballade is an illustration inspired by a “draw this in your style” challenge, created by Mikankey.
As its name suggests, the goal is to redraw in our style an illustration proposed by an artist.
Here, the story of the character caught me: a woman with her fox grows flowers with her music.

For this illustration, I wanted to transcribe the mysterious and poetic atmosphere that we can find in the forest. The dark green and the tranquility that emanates from the composition invites meditation.
Once this illustration was finished, something was still missing… So I chose to create a little animation where the flowers and plants come to life to the sound of music.


Client: personal project
Technique: digital (Procreate and Adobe app)
Services: illustration, gif animation

Inspired by a challenge created by Mikankey

Animation of the "Ballade illustration" (gif) with a woman and a fox walking peacefully. The flowers grow with the sound of the music. Design by Meg Chikhani

A framed print of the poetic illustration "Ballade". A woman and a fox walk in a field of flower. Design by Meg Chikhani
Detail of the "Ballade" illustration. We see a fox sniffing a flower. He looks calm and meditative. Design by Meg Chikhani

Print of the "Ballade" illustration. It's an A4 watercolor paper with vibrant colors. Design by Meg Chikhani

Detail of the "Ballade" illustration. The character has long red hair, like a fox. Design by Meg Chikhani
Impression de l'illustration poétique "Ballade". Dans une ambiance méditative, une femme et un renard marchent parmi les fleurs et les plantes. Par Meg Chikhani

A notebook with the "Ballade" illustration. It's made with recycled paper. By Meg Chikhani

Poetic illustration of a woman and a fox walking in the flowers. Design by Meg Chikhani
Une impression sur carte postale de l'illustration "Ballade". On y voit un renard et une femme qui marchent dans la nature. Par Meg Chikhani

Détail de l'illustration"Ballade". Nous voyons un renard qui marche tranquillement dans les fleurs, dans une ambiance poétique. Par Meg Chikhani
A tote bag with the "Ballade" illustration. A woman and a fox walk in the nature peacefully. By Meg Chikhani

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