A summer night with the moon

* music, poetic, surrealist *

Jazz is an illustration inspired by the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) which takes place on the shores of Lake Leman in Switzerland. In 2020, the event had to be canceled and the organization launched a poster competition open to all on the theme silent shores.

I decided to create a poetic illustration with a surreal atmosphere, inspired by sunsets over the lake. A musician serenades the moon and the music of his saxophone escapes into the night. In order to give depth to the composition, I worked with handmade ink textures that I integrated into the final illustration.

What music do you think of when you look at this illustration? Tell me here!

* music, poétic, surrealist *

Client: personal project
Techniques: ink, digital (procreate and Adobe app)
Service: illustration, poster design, process tutorial

Une illustration inspirée du Festival de Jazz de Montreux (Suisse). Un musicien joue du saxophone au bord du Lac Léman, au coucher du soleil. Par Meg Chikhani
A poetic illustration of a jazzman. Inspired by the Montreux Jazz Festival, he plays music on the Riviera Vaudoise (Switzerland). The night escapes from his saxophone in a poetic design. By Meg Chikhani

Detail of he "Jazz" illustration. The moon and some of the stars are printed with silver ink. Design by Meg Chikhani

Détail de l'illustration inspirée du Montreux Jazz Festival (Suisse). Un musicien joue du saxophone et la musique s'échappe dans la nuit.

Process of the "Jazz" illustration. Handmade textures and final design in Procreate. By Meg Chikhani
L'illustration "Jazz" s'envole dans les airs et met en valeur la composition poétique et aérienne. Par Meg Chikhani

A fictional album cover of a jazz band with a poetic illustration. The music escapes of his saxophone and fly in the night. By Meg Chikhani

A print of the "jazz" illustration. Inspired by the Montreux Jazz Festival, a jazzman plays saxophone in a summer night. By Meg Chikhani
Blue moon in the summer night. Detail of the "Jazz" illustration by Meg Chikhani

Illustration pour Silent shores, un concours organisé par le Montreux Jazz Festival en 2020. Par Meg Chikhani

Ink texture used for the "Jazz" illustration. Handmade then imported in Procreate. By Meg Chikhani

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