Hay fever

Breeze and sneeze

* flowers, spring, hay fever *

Inspired by my loyal hay fever that comes back every year, I decided to create a series of personal illustrations on the subject. 

I started from the word play “j’hume et rhume les foins” (literally “I smell and cold the hay”… sorry for the very bad translation of this pun) to create a portrait, a typographic composition and a floral illustration made with ink.

flowers, spring

Client: personal project
Techniques: ink, digital (procreate and Adobe app)
Services: illustration, character design, process tutorial

Impression de l'illustration "Rhume des foins". Un bouquet de fleurs sort du pull du personnage. Par Meg Chikhani

Process of the character design and illustration "Hay Fever". Made with Procreate, by Meg Chikhani

Print of the surrealist illustration "Hay fever". A character has a bouquet of flower in her sweater. Design by Meg Chikhani

Jeu de mot "J'hume et rhume les foins" pour fêter l'arrivée du printemps. Impression réalisée avec de l'encre dorée et entouré de points qui représentent le pollen. Par Meg Chikhani

Character design of the surrealist illustration "Hay fever". The woman has red hair and smells a bouquet of flowers. By Meg Chikhani

Carte postale issue de la collection"Rhume des foins". Une illustration à l'encre avec une plante et un personnage. Design par Meg Chikhani

Tote bag with the surrealist illustration "Hay fever". Design by Meg Chikhani

Detail of the surrealist illustration "Hay fever". Some flowers grow in the sweater of the character. Design by Meg Chikhani

Postcard for the collection "Hay fever". There are 3 different illustrations inspired by the theme "flowers and plants". Design by Meg Chikhani

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