Les ateliers a5

5 women artists

* minimalist, strong, handmade *

Les ateliers a5 are one of those creative and warm places, filled with paper, colors, smells and moments of sharing. This space offers painting, engraving and drawing classes, as well as exhibitions of local artists. 

When the 5 founders asked me to create their visual identity to promote their project, I was directly inspired by the atmosphere of the place and the different tools you can find there.

The huge engraving press, the centerpiece of the studio, was chosen to embody the logo. It has been stylized to form a visual adaptable to all necessary media: exhibition flyers, windows, business cards, prints … As for the typography, chosen for its readability and its round shapes, it recalls the proportions of the icon and brings consistency to the identity. Finally, the contrast of black and white reinforces its personality while highlighting the works exhibited at the studio.

* minimalist, strong, handmade *

Client: Les ateliers a5
Site: lesateliersa5.ch
Techniques: Adobe app and WordPress
Roles: logo, visual identity, website

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